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January 25, 2019


Life is full of change.  If you're not changing, you're not growing.  I've always been one to embrace change which I don't think is typical.  Most people are afraid of change, and I think human nature tends to create fear in us when things are different or the norm is threatened.

For me, change is an opportunity.  God doesn't make any mistakes, I fully believe that with my whole heart.  Everything in my life, I know, has been orchestrated by God's hand.  He has always led me down the right path when I've followed blindly.

So following blindly I continue.  This website was created in 2014 as a way to share my adventures and experiences as a first time Stay at Home Mom when my 4th child was born.  Those that know me know that I did not last very long as a SAHM.  I quit about 18 months in...really 6 weeks in if I'm being totally honest.  I can't explain it and don't really want to because I'm afraid I might say something that would offend other moms...and I don't want to offend anyone.  But basically, I'm not SAHM material.  I consider myself a good mom, but I am a good mom when I'm busy in ways other than "mom-ing".

Fast forward to NOW...and the change God is orchestrating in my life and has been for the last couple of years.  Where am I now?  I am still a mom of 4 and happily married to the love of my life.  But with even more blessings to show for God's grace.  

I have a full time job in sales for a retirement community...a community I love with residents I adore! 

I LOVE MY JOB more than most people would consider normal.  

I also have a thriving SeneGence business, yes, one of those multi-level marketing/direct sales things.  I've been a distributor of the incredible LipSense and our long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skincare for over 2 years!  I have an amazing group of women that I get to work with daily on our dreams.  SeneGence has opened SO MANY doors for me the last two years and continues to bless our family in so many ways.

My latest venture, only 3 months old, is TAbbey Layne my new online boutique.  It began on Facebook as a fun thing to do to expand my side job income (Dave Ramsey would approve) and has become something that needs an online platform to reside.

So here we are...the change that needs to happen for it to all make sense.......this website. 

If you are a subscriber for all things mom in the sandhills, I hope you'll stay and not be disappointed by the changes.  I hope that this site will continue to serve you and be a resource for you.  The website changes will I hope will help not only empower more women and families to live lives full of love and abundance but also be somewhere I can continue to share my journey of entrepreneurship.

So thank you for being here and supporting me the last few years as I have been more absent than present. 

I hope to begin adding a bit more value to your life through this page.



ps~  Jessie is still here and will be sharing guest blogs from time to time as well!  Busy momma's support one another and I'm so grateful for her friendship through this journey!