Camelot & Cannon Park

July 3, 2016

Camelot Park, aka "Castle Park", is by far our hands down favorite, go-to park in town.  It helps that it is also the closest park to our house.  Put 90 Woods Rd, Pinehurst, NC 28374 into your GPS or click HERE for directions.  

Camelot is a beautiful wooded playground in the Village of Pinehurst.  It was built by the community in 1994 headed by moms Susan Baer and Rebecca Lapping.  The moms with the help of the community raised over $100,000 to build this beautiful playground for their children and the community at the time.  After a lot of work and love the park has become the most visited children's activity in the area.  

Children of all ages can enjoy Camelot Park.  There are bucket seats for younger children, a therapeutic swing, and many slides and climbing structures.

Outside of the main "castle" structure and entrance you'll find a climbing structure for older kids, picnic tables, and a large concrete slab/play area for skating, biking, scooters, and such.  Recently the village painted some cool playable designs (think hopscotch) on the concrete to enhance and beautify it.  

Next to the Camelot area is Cannon Park.  Cannon Park has a large covered picnic area, clean bathrooms, baseball and soccer fields.  Reserve with the Village if you want to have a celebration here.  It's a beautiful location for birthday parties, family reunions and more.  Here is a really great article about Camelot in our local newspaper.  

Photo quality is poor here, but this is the slide that Mr. One enjoys most!

My kids all enjoy Camelot in different ways.  Mr. One spends most of the time swinging or sliding down the small slides where I can help him.  

Mr. Four stays super active and runs all over the place climbing, jumping, sliding, swinging and really enjoys the "race car" and "fire pole".

Ms. Nine spends most of her time on the monkey bars and swings as well as the large climbing structure outside the castle area.  

Ms. Twelve really still enjoys running around this park.  She likes to swing and climb around the large castle structures.  I think she likes that she can play here without a lot of people looking at her.  She's getting older and a little self conscious of "playing like a kid."

We do see preteens hanging out here a lot.  It's a nice place for them to be outside and hang out with friends.  

Reasons I love this park:

1)  There is one entrance to the Castle area of the park.  So I know once we are inside, the kids are there unless I see them walk past the entrance.  I usually situate myself in the "bleacher style" bench seating right at the entrance or on a picnic table right outside. (When I'm not actually having to manage the one year this hasn't been the situation for a while.)  But it is nice knowing that there is only one way out once we are in there.

2)  There is something for all of my kids to enjoy.

3)  It's shaded so equipment is not hot and it's enjoyable to be out there for long periods of time.

4)  The flat top surface and sports fields gives a lot of options for us to enjoy this park for more than just the playground.

5)  It's super close to our house!