Campbell House Park

September 10, 2016

Campbell House Park is tucked away in the deep woods near downtown Southern Pines.

I did not know this park existed until a couple of years ago when my daughter began having soccer practice on the fields attached and even then I didn't visit the park as it was hidden at the top of the hill out of our sight.  

The playground is accessed through a hidden entry off of E New Hampshire Avenue.  Take E New Hampshire until it dead ends into the parking lot for the playground.  I took a photo of what you will see above.

The other day after work, while waiting out dance classes, the 3 little ones and I decided to find the playground portion of the park to enjoy and document.  Campbell House is located at 482 E Connecticut Avenue in Southern Pines and is directly across the street from the Weymouth House.  Both homes boast beautiful property to stroll and enjoy.  The Campbell House hosts anl art gallery and is the home to the Southern Pines Parks and Recreation Department.  Learn more about the history of the house here:  Campbell House.

This playground is great for kids 3 and over.  Mr. One was almost too little to play but we made it work with some help from his big sister.  The equipment is challenging and different than some parks around here.  Miss. Nine really loved the climbing structure attached to the main section.  Mr. Four loved the rock wall while Mr. One was obsessed with the slide.  I only wish they had some swings, as that is his favorite thing to do at the park these days.  

Campbell House park is a great place to burn a little bit of time and enjoy a picnic or running through empty fields.  Southern Pines has so many great parks to choose from you can't go wrong with any of them.  Campbell House Park is a hidden little gem with a lot of nature all around it to enjoy.  






















There isn't a whole lot of seating and no near by restroom in sight, in fact Mr. Four had to use nature's faciliites to relieve himself while we were there...thank goodness for deep woods.  If anyone knows of a restroom and I missed it please do share with me.