Carolina Philarmonic

July 11, 2016

We were lucky enough to be invited to a Carolina Philarmonic event this past Saturday and holy moly were we impressed!  I had vaguely heard about this organization through a friend whose daughters take violin lessons.  She had told me how wonderful the organization is but without a child interested in a musical instrument at this point in my parenting career, I had no reason to look further into the group.

Rachel Hernandez, a mother and proud supporter of the Carolina Philharmonic contacted me and insisted I check out the upcoming Broadway Cabaret they were putting together this past Saturday.  Since my oldest daughter is extremely into the arts, specifically performing arts to include broadway and theatre, I figured this might be an activity she would enjoy.  Fast forward to the event...I was right...the child had a grin from ear to ear the entire performance.

Typically when I think of viewing broadway style performances I think of a day/night trip to Raleigh or Durham to the amazing performing arts centers there.  I had no idea that such fantastic opportuities are right in our backyard to enjoy and enrich our lives.














The Carolina Philarmonic offers so much for our community that I was not aware of.  This is a non profit organization that solely operates on private donations, no federal or state subsidies are given to them.  What a gem we have in our community to provide such a rich cultural experience for us and our children!

Taken from their website, this summary gives a good look into what they are all about and how someone can support their efforts:


"Because every child deserves to love exceptional music.  Our story. Eight years ago, Maestro Wolff launched The Carolina Philharmonic with a singular goal: to create a Symphony Orchestra that would not simply embrace audiences of all ages, but reach out to our audiences for support to bring music to children.  Twenty-five children served in the first year grew to fifty the next, then 100, then 1,100. To date we've served over 10,000 children and continue to bring the joy of exceptional music through interactive musical experiences and curricula to thousands of local children every year." 10,000!  Guys, this is important!  With the decline in public funding of the arts in our schools, organizations like these need our support both in attending their events, utilizing their programs, and donating to their mission.


More from their site:  "Our education programs cost $50 per child on average. We serve several thousand children every year, yet we receive no state or governmental funding. What we do is made possible only through private donations from patrons like you. Click here to learn more on their website and possibly donate if you feel so inclined."


My friend whose children participate in the children's program shared some photos with me and her own account of the experience she has had with the organization.  She says, "Anna has participated for 2 years and Stella for 1.  This is a fantastic organization offering an affordable opportunity to get instruments in the hands of kids at an early age."

If you do not have a child ready to begin learning an instrument, be sure to at least check out upcoming performances.  The Philharmonic puts on about one event per month to both entertain our community and support their efforts.  

When invited to attend Saturday's event I was a bit hesitant as I didn't know if it would be something my kiddos would enjoy or even sit still for.  I was pleasantly surprised that they were all completely entertained by the event!  Mr. One and Mr. Four loved hearing the Disney songs as well as just being entertained by the music itself.  Ms. Nine and Ms. Twelve got the most out of the program.  We look forward to attending many more in the future!  Thank you to Rachel Hernandez and the Carolina Philharmonic for inviting us to this fantastic show!


Be sure to follow the Carolina Philharmonic's Facebook page to stay up to date on their programs and events!