Colonial Heights Park

April 17, 2016

I do believe my husband is enjoying this new project of mine.  The other day after I took the kids to Memorial Park in Southern Pines and told him all about it, he excitedly tells me; “Did you know there is a cool treehouse park behind the factory?!”  I blankly stared at him.  The factory he speaks of is where his office is located in the old Gulistan Factory Building off of Hwy 5 in Aberdeen.  I honestly could not imagine how or where a park would be behind there.  However as soon as we had a break in our schedule to venture that way I decided to see what he was talking about.

He was right…  Yes, Honey… YOU WERE RIGHT!

There IS a park behind the Gulistan Factory Building in Aberdeen.  It is an Aberdeen Parks and Recreation maintained public park called “Colonial Heights Park“.  It’s not too far off of Hwy 5, it’s settled back in a quaint neighborhood amongst baseball fields.  GPS 504 Park Drive Aberdeen, NC 28315 or CLICK HERE

Mr. Three and Mr. One were the only ones with me when we made our trip.  The girls were in dance class so we had a little bit of time to burn together.  Mr. Three LOVED this playground as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.  “It’s a TREE!” he screamed.

First he attempted to climb up the tree-like ladder (unsuccessfully) then moved on to the rock wall and finally went down the awesome triple winding slide.  After a few minutes on the playground we realized how BIG it really is.  The equipment is very tall.  In fact I started calling it the “Jack and the Beanstalk” playground before our time was over simply because it seems to have been made for really tall people.

I even had a hard time climbing the tree ladder up to the top and getting onto the monkey bars.  Everything was just built straight up it seems.  It was a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Three loved it and the girls will have a great time when we return.  Mr. One couldn’t really do much at all though.  He was able to go down the smaller slide a few times, but mostly he just watched his big brother run around.

Tips:  There is a concession stand building nearby which I imagine has bathrooms, we did not need to use them so did not explore that.  I will update when I know more.  There are picnic tables nearby but no seating immediately in the playground area.  The surroundings of the playground are set up a bit high in some spots so I had to keep an eye on the little one to be sure he didn’t tumble out of the area.  There are two baseball fields and plenty of parking.  I imagine you could rent the area for an event or party but there is not a pavilion or party space.  You will also find a nice sand volleyball court to enjoy at this location. 

Check out Colonial Heights Park next time you’re in the Aberdeen / Hwy 5 area!