April 18, 2016

Before I started staying home with my last child I worked full-time. Daycare was super important to me and I did my best to pick the best for my kids each time.  We lived in Virginia until my second baby was 3 months old and we struggled finding the right place for our girls then.  I knew when we moved here I had to make finding the right place a priority.  It was really difficult to find information at that time (9 years ago) on where to send the kids.  Back then I contacted a clearing house type service to get information and suggestions.  They were great and helped us find our first center, Shining Stars.  From there we went with word of mouth as our needs changed.

There are a lot of options in our area but wait lists are long at many, especially for infant care. Be sure to tour as many as possible and ask questions(some good ones here)! Choosing the right place for you and your child is a very personal decision. In this blog, I have listed some centers I have had great experiences with, below that you’ll find links to other places I have heard of and researched for you to take a look at. Happy daycare hunting!

Cyber Ed Learning Center:  Cyber Ed is located in Southern Pines.  They accept infants (6 weeks and older) through PreK.  My second daughter attended pre-k at Cyber Ed. We absolutely loved her teacher and the curriculum prepared her very well for Kindergarten. The mornings were set up as a preschool and the afternoons more like a daycare/play time. Which is similar to what you’ll find in most centers for the 3-4 age groups.  Her teacher is no longer there, but the ownership has always been super kind and knowledgeable.  They have two campuses and we only have experience with the PreK location so I can’t speak on the other.  I loved their outdoor playground area and the drop/off pick up set up was nice, convenient and safe.


Luv-A-Kid Montessori:  Located in West End(although this address is a bit misleading, it is right up the road from Pinehurst on 15/501 in what I consider “Eastwood”) Luv-A-Kid Montessori offers care for ages 1 through Pre-K.  I am a huge fan of this center!  My first son went here up until I had our last baby. This center is a Montessori-style and set up in a very family oriented way. The owners are fantastic and really love the children and care for them like their own. If I were to go back to work in the near future I would most definitely call them first.  The arrangement of the building is home like; I love how the children learn to be helpers and use their independence in many areas early on.


Sandhills Children‘s Center:  SCC is probably the most popular center in our area.  They offer so very much to the community other than being a daycare provider.  Providing infant care through Pre-K services.  “Sandhills Children’s Center is a private, non-profit organization that offers an inclusive child developmental day program for children with and without special developmental needs, ages birth through five, twelve months a year. The Children’s Center provides educational programs, therapeutic and nutritional services, and family support that help children with disabilities that may include, Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other chronic illnesses and developmental delays.”  My second daughter attended SCC for a couple of years when between 1 and 3 years of age.  We were on the waiting list from the day we moved here (she was 3 months old) and it took almost a year to get in.  I had my first son on the waiting list from the day I found out I was pregnant and he wasn’t offered a spot until he was over one…at that point we were happy and settled at Luv-a-Kid.  I recommend getting on the waiting list as soon as you are able if you are considering this location.


Shining Stars Child Development Center:  Shining Stars is a family run facility on 211 going towards West End.  It’s in a great location near Pinehurst and has recently expanded.  My girls both attended Shining Stars when we first moved to the area, before my oldest started Kindergarten.  They provide infant care through age 12 through an After school and Early Release program for school-aged children.  This facility has grown so much since we were there and I have heard wonderful things from people who use them.  It was fabulous when we were there so I’m sure it still is.

There are many other daycare facilities in our area, feel free to mention them here and I’ll update this blog for other parents to explore.  The above is information I have gathered & shared based upon my own personal experiences.


More centers to check out.  Thanks to our readers for submitting these!

Sonlight Child Care Center (Facebook link) – (ages 2-4)

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