Go Play Outside Now!

April 2, 2016

Today was our last day of Spring Break, so we decided to spend it doing more things we don’t get to do as often due to distance from home.

Defy Gravity in Raleigh is one of several trampoline parks within an hour-ish drive from Pinehurst.  This was our first time at this location and second time experiencing a trampoline park alltogether.  Our first experience was at Sky Zone, also in Raleigh.  We have heard of another we would like to try, I’ll link to it at the end of this blog so you can check it out and select one to try yourself, let me know your thoughts!

Defy Gravity Raleigh, great for ages 1 through 12!

Defy Gravity Raleigh:  We booked our tickets this morning, which is HIGHLY recommended and since you’ll be coming from more than an hour away, really required.  You definitely don’t want to arrive and have to wait over an hour or worse…be turned away for the day.  When we arrived the parking lot was full, so we had to park in the next parking area which wasn’t great, I had 5 kids in tow so getting them all safely to the entrance was a bit more stressful than I would have liked.  My opinion immediately shifted to the negative when I had trouble finding parking, the lot really isn’t big enough for the size of this business.  I imagine the parking situation was such because it was a busy day and because we arrived with only 5 minutes left before our “launch”time.


4 out of 5 participated in taking a photo, not too bad😉  The 9 year old brought a friend, a common occurrence these days for the girls.


If we had not purchased our tickets this morning we would have had to wait until 2:30.  We arrived at 12:55.  So I am thankful for the foresight in doing that or the day would have been MUCH different.  The kids ate a late breakfast, so I made sure they had a nice protein bar and water before we left the car to keep them satisfied and not begging for snacks.

15 month old loved watching all the action and even bounced some himself in the toddler area


DG is a nice clean facility, the staff…is there, not overly friendly but definitely making sure all is being ran well.  After our time at DG the kids and I all felt that SZ was a better fit for us.  I’m not exactly sure what it is that we all liked better, so we will have to revisit SZ for a fresh comparison.

An hour was plenty of time for everyone to enjoy and just enough to make them want to come back for more.


I brought in my single stroller and was able to take it up to the area where the kids were jumping.  I really liked that they had a separate area for small children, ages 6 & under and the kids seemed to easily follow the rules to stay out of the area.  There was plenty for them to do that was more exciting anyway.  The ninja warrior course was really neat for the more explorative kids.  The main bounce floor was large and didn’t seem too crowded even though the place was sold out.  Dodge ball seemed well managed by staff and I didn’t see anyone get hurt despite the variety of ages participating.


Outside food is not allowed, though they do have several vending machines in the lobby area and a concession stand up some stairs where spectators can watch the action.  We did not go up that way since I had the stroller.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We only did an hour jump and while they may have had another half hour or so in them, it was plenty for the day.  They left tired and hungry.  The cost in my opinion is a bit too high for only an hour of fun. After spending $10/person yesterday for 3 hours of unlimited fun (we could’ve spent hours and hours there) it was a bit hard to swallow $14/person for just an hour of fun.  I also had to buy my oldest a pair of grippy socks (BRING YOUR OWN!) because she refused to jump barefoot.  Another $5.   This won’t be something we do regularly, it’s just too expensive for the time it occupies them.

After all that jumping, I pulled out my Yelp app and searched for a pizza place (NO FAST FOOD!) nearby that had good reviews and ended up at Peri Brothers Pizza on Six Forks.  IT WAS AWESOME!  I am so glad that we went there.  The owner/manager (I assume owner as he was so invested in the experience) was super nice and helpful.  Granted we were the only party there other than a 2-top of ladies enjoying a nice lunch together (sorry ladies, we ruined that for ya)









Eat your heart out!  This was AMAZING pizza!

The pizza was NY Style and they happily double-sliced it for us.  It was HUGE and DELICIOUS and filled everyone’s bellies.  The kids loved it.  I also ordered what I thought would be a basic salad, but the salad I received was far from basic(photo!), it was so very good and fresh!  After our food came he (I should’ve asked his name) brought us complimentary garlic knots which were also, you guessed it, DELICIOUS!  In fact, the boys stopped eating their pizza and ate the knots instead.


















My salad…in a bread bowl, which the 15 month old devoured!  The best salad I’ve had in a long time!


After fueling up, we had to make one more stop.  I have the double time rule for our day trips, after all, so we had to supplement since our jump time was only an hour. (double time rule = we must spend twice as much time as it takes to get somewhere to make the trip)  So we headed to the NC Museum of Natural Science.  It was a great time!  Check out our afternoon experience at the Museum HERE.