Dominion Abbey Pink Ladies

Welcome to Dominion Abbey!  If you are here you must be a Pink Lady or curious about what a Pink Lady is!  Let me take a moment to tell you what this page is for.  I hope you'll stay for a while!

"Dominion Abbey" represents a group of women, almost 1,000 women now, that have joined my business and are building their own businesses selling the MOST INCREDIBLE skincare and makeup on the market!  The "Pink Ladies" are those that have dedicated themselves to improve their lives and helping other women also change their situations for the better.  These women define themselves and represent our team daily by promoting their business and helping women feel amazing in their skin!  Are you a Pink Lady?

This page is a hub to share all of the fun things the "Pink Ladies" are doing every month.  This page also will serve as a place to link you to our social media & training platforms.  You'll also be able to see what is happening every month in our team and how we are impacting lives!

Thank you for stopping by and learning more!

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