Drop-In Daycares

April 4, 2016

As a work from home / stay at home / mom of 4 / business owner / whatever I’m doing from one day to the next, I have found drop in daycare to be a HUGE asset to my busy life.  With the oldest two in school until 2/3 pm and the preschooler at preschool until 11:30 my mornings are open for me to work, exercise, run errands.  EXCEPT…I have the 1 year old, who isn’t old enough to go to preschool. (at least where the 3 year old goes) So my options are; bring him with me, hire a sitter,  mother’s morning out (which I use once a week – I’ll share more about that sometime later) or…use a drop in daycare!  Drop In daycare has become my go-to for most days!

We are lucky to have two options in the area for this service (please let me know if there are more!) and I have used them both.  We love both for different reasons but I tend to use Rugg Rats most for the following:  1) our favorite lady, seen in photo 2) location is closest to my current clients that I see most often 3) location is also down the street from my gym 3) many of my friends’ children are there too so he gets a play date at the same time!  Price is pretty comparable for each of them, as they both offer frequent user cards.  My older kids enjoy Drop Zone Kids a bit more because they’re larger and have more things for them to do physically.

Both businesses also do special events, date nights and more!  Drop In service is great for when we just need an hour or two here and there.  I can feel comfortable having a reliable, safe, and fun environment that isn’t too costly.  Check both out when you need help next time!

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