Facinate-U Children's Museum

October 28, 2016
Special Guest post by Michelle Goetzl

There is a little gem in historic downtown Fayetteville that many people don’t know about – Fascinate U Children’s Museum.

When you are looking for a great indoor activity for kids age two to seven, this is a great place to take them. Facinate-U has been in operation for about 20 years, but this year was the first time that my family had ventured over there.  

Designed as a “mini-city” where children can pretend and play while learning about jobs in the community, Fascinate U offers a fabulous place for kids to explore the world around them. My kindergartner was able to take a field trip there earlier this year as a part of their unit on community. The children had been learning about different job opportunities and different roles that people play in the community. At Fascinate U they were able to try on many of these roles. My daughter enjoyed it so much that she wanted to have her birthday party there.

There is a little bit of something for everyone. Interested in emergency services?

Play for a while in the Fire Department, Police Department, 911 Emergency Services or Ambulance!

The kids particularly loved putting on full fire gear and sliding down a fire pole.

Health in your future? Try your hand in the role of doctor or dentist!  Or help people get access to food by working on a farm or in the grocery store.













Children also have a chance to work in a bank, post office, courthouse, school, television news, or on stage. In addition, there is a toddler room laid out as a mini-house for children under four.

The Cape Fear Railroaders operate several scale model train tracks on the third floor that are open to the public on the first and third Saturdays of every month. We happened to be there that day and it was an impressive display.

Fascinate U is located at 116 Green Street in downtown Fayetteville and is open Tuesday through Sunday. Admission costs $4 per child and $3 per adult. They have special craft and science projects every weekend and, as we discovered, are a fabulous place for a birthday party. I will say that Fascinate U is probably best enjoyed when you have at least a few kids with you so that they can play and explore together, but this is a great place to spend a rainy or chilly afternoon.