Farmers Markets
April 15, 2016

Featured blog by Amanda Phelps:

"Today my clan and I ventured out to the Southern Pines Farmers Market.  The SPFM is held every Saturday (April 16-Oct29) from 8am to Noon. We ventured out mostly because my husband was doing a cooking demo; he is the new Chef at Ashtens(go check him out!)

We also love the farmers markets because we love anything and everything local!  We love to teach our children that our food is grown from farmers and not always bought from a store and that we need to buy from farms to keep these farms in business. My two year old loves to take tomatoes right off the table at a tent and eat them like an apple! I mean how much more fresh does it get?!

There is always live music and games for the kids, they love it! Each of them take their shoes off and play in the grass with other children. We enjoy sitting and eating local goodies, samples and just enjoy being outside as a family.  The SPFM is dog friendly, my kiddos got some good licks on the face from some four legged friends!

Learn more about the Southern Pines Farmers Market and others offered throughout the week with the Moore County Farmers Market."

Also of note, Aberdeen has begun to offer a Farmers Market on Saturdays from 12pm-4pm; check it out and follow their facebook page for information and updates!  Aberdeen Farmers Market

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