July 25, 2016

Everyone is obsessed with Pokemon Go lately, but guess what...that concept is old news!  Geocaching has been around for years and is a much more kid-friendly and a more safe way to get out and enjoy the outdoors with your family.  I'm all for anything that gets people moving and outside, so definitely not knocking the newer version of this concept...but lets talk about the original...Geochaching!

Geocaching is like a world wide treasure hunt!  How fun is that?!  There are 2 million geocaches in the world...and that number continues to grow as the hobby does.  Hunting for a cache can open your eyes to places you've never explored even in your own town.  All you need is your phone (or tablet) and some good walking shoes.  You would be surprised how many caches are hidden right near you.  They are hidden in all sorts of places and in all kinds of ways.  

























Last summer we spent a lot of time geocaching, every chance we got we would look for a new treasure.  The kids loved taking little treasures to exchange and write their names in the logs.  It was always exciting to watch them find the more difficult ones.  We hunted in Southern Pines and Pinehurst; at the beach, in the mountains, everywhere we went they begged to go on a hunt.
















One of our favorite stops in Southern Pines is at Southern Whey.  The cache is hdiden away and it's a great spot to grab a snack and cold beverage to cool off.








Sand & Pine Magazine did an awesome article on Geocaching in 2014 that is still very interesting and informative to read today.  I remember reading it and thinking how complicated & cool it sounded.  It's really a simple activity to do outside with your kids and family.

So if you're enjoying playing Pokemon Go with your kids, check out the original treasure hunting with Geocaching!  Let me know what you think!