Go Play Outside Now!

March 31, 2016

The Sandhills offers so much for us to enjoy, one doesn’t have to look too far to find something new and exciting all the time.  With 4 kids from ages 1 through 12 it can be a challenge to find something that everyone enjoys at the same time.  I throw my net a bit further than some might occasionally and feel that anything within 3 hours is reasonable for a day trip when we have an entire day to spend…and I’m in the mood for all that it involves.

Go Play Outside Now is a WONDERFUL outdoor play land.  I’m not sure the official name for this concept, but “play land” makes sense to me.  From laser tag to ride on toys to a water slide in the summer, this place has something for all ages!  I enjoyed the slide a few too many times, I’m not afraid to admit it.


While this “play land” is not technically in the Sandhills, it is extremely close located south of Raleigh about an hour and a half from Pinehurst.  The best route to take to get there is up US 1 through Sanford then taking the route on Ten Ten Rd the rest of the way.  GPS may tell you that going through Cameron and Lillington will be quicker but it proved slower for us due to the fact it’s a two lane road and lots of farm equipment used the roads causing delays.

The owner, Ann, was extremely welcoming and immediately got to know my kids and their ages upon our arrival.  Admittance was $10/person for over 36″ and $5 for toddlers.  She set the vibe for the day explaining that everything is open to them and for them to take risks and have fun.  There was so much to do that even after 3 hours we didn’t do it all.

12 year old enjoyed laser tag the most, while all 3 of my older kids were able to participate and enjoy it.  She also really enjoyed the huge tire swing, rope swing, see-saws, and slide amongst other things.


9 year old ran free and did just about everything she could.  She enjoyed the huge sandy hill behind the slide and even ran around bare foot at one point.  This place reminds me so much of how I used to play when I was little, free and uninhibited.


3 year old loved the ride on toys, swings, slides, tire swing and laser tag.  He went non-stop and I had to beg him to pause for lunch.


15 month old had plenty to do as well.  Ride on toys, balls to throw, toys to enjoy, and he absolutely LOVED the slide.  I even let him go down by himself once.  I imagine during the summer it could be busier and that might not be as safe but he definitely enjoyed that freedom. (Note:  Summer months there is a water slide to enjoy as well!)


The area is equipped with extremely clean bathrooms with a space to change diapers and nice smelling soap for hand washing.  Ann, the sweet and knowledgeable owner, provides free water for all to drink from a filtered machine at the entrance and allows outside food, which is great!  Bring a picnic, there are plenty of tables and places to sit and relax.  What’s really great about this place is you can let your kids run free and still see them wherever you are even if they’re all in different places.

Go Play Outside Now is cash only, so be sure to bring the green stuff to get in.  It was WELL worth the expense and the drive.  We stayed for 3 hours, which is my rule when taking a day trip…”we must stay twice as long as it takes to get there”…so 1.5 hour drive required a 3 hour stay.


When it came time to leave, none of them wanted to go.  The girls both immediately thanked me for bringing them there when we got into the car…which is worth it all as that rarely ever happens without prompting!


Thank you Go Play Outside Now for such a wonderful day playing outside!


Enjoy photos from our day and see for yourself the cool-ness of it all:





Thanks to my friend Karen, for suggesting this great place!  We will for sure go back soon.  I’m looking forward to early bedtimes and deep sleepers tonight!