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April 6, 2016

Exercise has been essential to my personal happiness and well being for as long as I remember.  When I find the time to get a workout in, I feel so much better prepared to manage life and be the mom I need to be.  When I have time to focus on myself a bit and release some tension I find that my patience and energy lasts much longer.  I also like that I am teaching my kids by example that physical fitness is important and something you should prioritize.  It has been a challenge through the years to find the time, finances, motivation, and right “type” of routine to give me what I need.

When we first moved to the area I became a member of The Body Shop, which is no longer in operation.  It was located on US 1 next to Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was great!  Childcare was included and there was a smoothie bar…definitely something I enjoyed!  I loved their spin classes and aerobics.  That seems like a lifetime ago!










I currently workout at Southern Pines CrossFit.  Where do you go to get your fitness in?

Around 2008 I changed over to First Health Fitness.  I believe the reason I switched was 1) we moved from Southern Pines to Pinehurst and 2) I received an employee discount through my job.  I loved it there and we were there for a long time.  The benefits were great; indoor pool, childcare, lots of classes to choose from, lots of people I knew there and top of the line equipment.  When I had our first son (current 3 year old) I cancelled my membership as I was more into running and didn’t use the membership as much as I should have at the time.  I was running outside mostly so it was just a waste of money each month for us at that point. My husband never had time to use the membership so that didn’t help.  First Health is an awesome gym with lots for the entire family, I can see us being members there again sometime.

There are so many options in our area that cater to moms!  Let me know your favorite!


Most recently a friend of mine introduced me to Southern Pines CrossFit.  It is like a family there and I love it!  LOVE IT!  I never thought I would ever do CrossFit.  It just seemed like something way too hard and tough for me.  I was wrong.  CrossFit is so great for everyone, you can modify all the workouts to fit your fitness level and push yourself to grow and build your strength.  Southern Pines CrossFit has been a great fit for me because 1) they have a 9am class with an awesome coach 2)the moms & other athletes support each other immensely 3) childcare is available 4) I’m getting the results I want and need.

What is your routine right now?  Run, lift, spin, yoga, speed walk, swim?

I also love Hot Asana Yoga Studio.  I’ve always been a yoga fan and hot yoga is something I began doing about 6 years ago and I absolutely love it.  I wish I could go several times a week but I’m lucky to get there once a week lately.  I hope to work that into my schedule more in the future but time will tell.

Ever tried Aerial Yoga?  Hot Asana offers it on Saturday nights and it is FUN!  This is a great friend and I challenging ourselves.

I believe exercise is a very personal thing for everyone.  You have to find what motivates you and what works for you best wherever you are in your fitness journey.  My needs have varied over time and I’m sure they’ll continue to evolve as I age and my schedule changes.

I’ve linked some other gyms and suggestions for you below.  If you know of others please let me know and I’ll add them also!  Where do you workout?  What have you found to give you what you need where you are today?


Southern Pines CrossFit


Hot Asana Yoga Studio


Fit4Mom Pinehurst


Golds Gym


First Health Fitness


CrossFit 611 


Forte Fitness

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