Hillcrest Park

June 2, 2016

In the heart of Moore County is Hillcrest Park.  It is not only the hub of Moore County Parks & Recreation but offers so much for the community to enjoy!


Located at 155 Hillcrest Park Lane  Carthage, NC 28327; Hillcrest Park has 2 playgrounds, a large picnic shelter, a wealth of picnic tables, open grills, 1.5 mile walking trail, 2 volleyball courts, an 18 hole disc golf course, and most notably 4 baseball/softball fields with field house and concession stand.  Anyone is allowed to rent the facilities and enjoy.


It has been quite a while since I have taken the kids to the playgrounds at Hillcrest Park.  In fact, the last time we were there was for my second daughter’s 2nd birthday party(7 years ago!)  It is super close to where we live so I’m not really sure why we don’t ever think to go play here.  We will for sure be going more this summer now that it’s back on our radar.


A few things have changed since we last visited; (7 years ago!) fencing has been added surrounding the playground.  I am guessing that this was done to help keep children from running into the street or worse the highway (as it backs up to highway 15/501).  Or maybe they were installed for another reason…I may never know.  It definitely changed the feel of the park for us.  It feels much more urban with the installation, but it still has all of the fun equipment the kids enjoy.


There are two playgrounds, one large one with several slides and a rock climbing area; and another playground that is a bit smaller for younger kids I suppose.  There are also swings; 2 baby swings and 2 regular swings.


Mr. One was asleep when we got there so he napped in the car (don’t worry all the doors were open and windows wide open, and we were just a few steps away; I was jealous of his slumber.)  Mr. Four had fun running around by himself checking out the new, to him, playground.  The only trouble we experienced was that the slides and equipment were a bit too hot.  It’s a tough problem many playgrounds experience this time of year.  It’s nice out but the equipment gets so hot that it’s unplayable.  I’m certain the parks and recreation department is aware, and hopefully they are planning to install coverage like many in the area are.


The playground is pretty great for any age.  Mr. One would’ve had a great time and I know the girls would love this park for the fact there are so many different slides and challenging things to climb.


Next time you’re looking for a park to enjoy, check out Hillcrest Park in Carthage.  Don’t forget this as a great location for a birthday party!  We really enjoyed it for our daughters’ party (7 years ago! ha!)