Home School in Moore County

August 7, 2016

Thinking about taking the plunge and Homeschooling your kiddos?  Here is an article by my friend Rebecca all about her experience Homeschooling her 3 kids in Moore County.  My oldest got to tag along on a field trip this summer with them and had a blast.  Thanks Rebecca for this valuable insight!

"One word – homeschooling. Wait, is that one word? Okay maybe I meant two words – home schooling. Then again we could throw a hyphen in there and we would have home-schooling. Soooo…which one is correct? Well the truth is there isn’t one correct answer, and it just so happens the same is true for the subject itself. While decades past may have shown homeschooling (I obviously lean towards the one-word variety) to be a rather analogous endeavor – modern homeschooling is as diverse and distinctive as the families doing it. Don’t let that four syllable word from the last sentence fool you, to be a homeschooling mama you don’t have to be a genius, you simply need the desire to teach your children. With the same skill and precision I just used to look up a synonym on thesaurus.com (read – skill level: one; precision level: zero), which I so shrewdly used to input the word analogous, you can look up, outsource, research, and find everything you need to homeschool your children right at your fingertips. In other words – you can fake it till you make it!

Now that we have established that you don’t have to be super smart to teach your kids – the next logical question might be, well how do you homeschool? This is where it gets fun. There are so many different philosophies and styles of homeschooling – Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Classical, Unschooling, Relaxed, Montessori, Eclectic – the list goes on and on. The truth is that every homeschooling family has its own homeschooling personality. If my family was a homeschool ice cream – we would be a Waldorf cone with a scoop of Charlotte Mason, a scoop of Classical, and an Unschooling Cherry on top. What the heck does all that mean? Basically that we teach content subjects like history and science from what are called living books (not from a curriculum aka non-textbook books aka the reason I’m glad Amazon delivers when my husband is at work because I can’t stop ordering all. the. books.), and we incorporate subjects/fine arts like Picture Studies, Composers, Poetry and Shakespeare into our school. It also means that I try and teach my children (and myself) an appreciation for nature, allow them to do self-led/interest-led learning and that I try and educate their body, mind and spirit. That’s a mouthful, huh? I would like to add that it took me an entire year of Relaxed homeschooling to fully understand what kind of Homeschool Ice Cream Scoop we were.

Ok, so let’s say you are interested in this idea of homeschooling, but what about socialization?  That’s a hot topic in the homeschool community, and again this varies greatly from family to family. Some families are large and kids mostly socialize and play with one another. Other families join Co-op’s or groups in the area. Socialization for your homeschool, like most things in life, is simply what you make it – especially with all the resources here in the Sandhills.  If you are someone who wants to make sure your kids (and yourself) have plenty of chances for socialization, the Sandhills is a great area to homeschool in.


We have made friends and enjoyed quite a few groups in the area. HOPE in the Sandhills is one homeschool group that offers a variety of choices for a homeschooling family. If you aren’t looking for some cooperative learning, but simply want a chance to go on some field trips, some really cool field trips I might add, and make some friends – it is a great choice. Through HOPE my kids have had the opportunity to catch catfish, fly with local pilots above the Sandhills in some super cool private planes, meet a NC Appellate Court Judge, tour the Governor’s mansion (where they got to meet the Governor), go to a trampoline park, attend plays, watch the NC Symphony, attend a Durham Bulls game, tour a printing press, among many other things.  They’ve also been able to participate in a Valentine’s party where they left with no less than 60 Valentine’s (each!) and participate in a Geography Fair.

We also belong to a group through Grace Church (you don’t have to attend the church to join the group) called Grace Homeschoolers. This has been an amazing group where some of my kid’s best friends have been made and has an amazing support system for homeschool mamas to just talk and share while the kids play. We even have joined a Co-op about 30 minutes Co-op setting. HOPE in the Sandhills also has a Co-op group that we have participated in that meets once a week in Vass. I could truly go on and on about the support and guidance I have received from homeschooling mamas, families and groups in our Sandhills Homeschooling Community, but suffice it to say it’s been great.


From the moment we made the decision to homeschool, I have encountered nothing but love and support. Plus, my kids and I have made some really great friends along the way. If you are a homeschooling family in the Sandhills and your children are not “socialized”, it is certainly not due to a lack of resources or opportunities in the area. Whether you are looking for fellowship amongst other faith based homeschoolers, conversation with other families who share the same homeschool philosophy as you do, or you just want to have some fun – there is something for everyone in the area!

Homeschooling is truly what you make of it. Anyone who wants to do it, really can. It doesn’t matter how patient you are, how smart you are – all that matters is that you have a desire to do it and that you make your vision for why you are homeschooling plain, and go from there. It took me a year to realize what my vision for my homeschool was, and to understand that I don’t try and fit my goals into my homeschool, but that homeschooling allows me the freedom my plans and schooling on top of the foundation of my goals. And what are my goals? For my family, our homeschool vision is relatively simple. I want to create lifelong lovers of learning, who have a passion for the beautiful things in life, and an intimate relationship with our God.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “that was a run on sentence,” and to that I say – what do I look like a grammar teacher?

In all seriousness, if you are going to homeschool – the Sandhills is an amazing area in which to do it. The culture, the richness of our area (and no I am not talking about our median income) and even the geographical location makes it an ideal place to homeschool. Not only do we have so much here in our area – but we are only an hour away from Raleigh, two from Charlotte, three from the coast, four from the mountains. You can literally teach about the Lost Colony and then take a day trip to see it. You can read a book about a little rat catcher who lives in the servant’s quarters of the Biltmore – and then take go see the very rooms and location the book is set in for yourself. If you were studying about nitrogen, you could drive to Raleigh to watch them make ice cream with it.


The possibilities are endless! Homeschooling in the Sandhills is an exciting adventure and one that my family has only just begun. If this is something you have been thinking about – take a leap of faith – you won’t regret it!"