Kid-Friendly Dentists

July 8, 2016

Going to the dentist can be a frieghtening experience full of anxiety for both your child and you.  Pediatric Dentistry has become very popular for parents to participate in in recent years.  

Why choose a pediatric dentist or a practice that has a specialization in dealing with pediatrics?  Because in reality the issues that children have with their dental care is definitely different than that of adults.  When you're dealing with baby teeth, loose teeth, tooth accidents, cavitites, baby root canals, and then add on top of that the potential for fear and anxiety as well as leading children into the possibility of orthodontia at a later have a whole different world on your hands with pediatrics vs. adult dentistry.

When my oldest was younger we had to drive to Sanford for the nearest pediatric dentist.  We didn'tmind the drive because it allowed us to see a Dentist that really understood her needs and exercised much more caution and care when it came to managing both her anxiety and her dental health.  We were able to ease into each visit and build a nice raport with that dentist.

Fast forward a few years and we were lucky enough to be some of the first patients of Powers Pediatric Dentistry in Southern Pines.  I was a bit critical when they opened and hopeful we would find a similar environment to what we had grown used to at our Sanford office.  Needless to say I was blown away impressed with both Dr. Powers, her staff and the office itself.  


The office itself is bright, cheerful, fun and inviting for the children that are lucky enough to come visit with her.  With toys, video games, and much more to occupy them while they wait to be seen; a child feels right at home in this environment.  My kids actually look forward to their dental appointments.  You would too if when you assumed the lateral position in the dental chair you were greeted with cool sunglasses and whatever television show you would like to watch on the tv above you.  But before you take a seat you are able to pick out your favorite flavor of toothpaste for use in your cleaning. Anything from bubble gum to birthday cake to cotton candy or strawberry.  


All of the hygentists are super friendly and take such care in their jobs.  They do an amazing job of keeping anxiety at bay and making sure the children are comfortable and at ease.


Dr. Powers is a wonderful dentist with children of her own.  She is so calming and comforting as well as fun and inviting to her little patients.  She approaches dentistry with the children like a sweet mother would and takes her time to help make sure the experience is a positive one.

At the end of the visit the kids get to pick out a new tooth brush, tooth paste, and their favorite; receive coins to redeem for goodies at the exit.  Going to the dentist is a lot of fun when you have such a fun place to go!  Below are some other child friendly dental options in our area to check out.

Powers Pediatric Dentistry

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