Kid-Friendly Hair Cuts

August 13, 2017

The first hair cut...a much anticipated and sometimes anxiety filled event!  


All of my kiddos have gotten their first cut by me myself & I.  I bravely would trim their beautiful little baby hair until it became something I just couldn't continue to do.  The girls weren't so difficult to get to behave for a hair cut.  They would go with me for my visits and watch and mimic.  The boys are a whole other story.  Boy haircuts most times require buzzing noises, water spraying at their face, and so much more than our normal girl cuts.  I have taken Lio (age 5) to barbers and hair dressers and have always struggled with the results.  He has 2 crowns and a cow lick, so cutting his hair can be tricky...also I'm very picky.  I don't like traditional boy cuts, I prefer his long blonde hair to stay in tact and not be layered or shaved.  If he had his way he would have a mohawk...but I digress.


Little Paxtyn (age 2) isn't one to sit still for long at all, combine that with super fast growing hair and we have had to be creative on keeping him well kept.  


This Saturday we finally took the boys for a good clean hair cut.  They are starting a new school this week and dress code requires no hair in their eyes.  So off we went!  I was super nervous, I just don't want a buzz cut or not to be able to recognize my sweet babies.


We made an appointment for Toadly Kool Me Kids Salon.  We arrived right in time and were seen right away, no wait, which is great for two busy boys!  Lio went first and climbed up into the airplane seat.  

I was really worried the boys wouldn't be willing to climb into the cool seats much less be able to sit still. The ladies were amazing, gentle and kind.  They were calm and managed the wiggly boys very well.  

They were quick and followed my instructions perfectly.  My boys have beautiful blonde hair, so I have a little bit of anxiety when it comes to cutting it.  We had a bad experience at Sports Clips in Southern Pines so I've been super anxious since then.  

These ladies took the cake and we will definitely be back regularly!


A few sure to bring cash, no credit cards are allowed.