KidFest Carowinds

August 20, 2017
August 20, 2017

My family and I had the opportunity to spend the day at Kids Fest at Carowinds.  Kids Fest was a two day event located in the Planet Snoopy area of the park.  We headed out early Sunday morning to be there when the park opened. 


Excitement started to build when our girls saw the tall roller coasters from a distance as we approached the park.  After paying $20 to park (sigh), we entered at the front (north) gate.  The south gate is closer to the Carolina Harbor water park which we did not have time for this trip.  It looked like a lot of fun when we walked by, and the girls definitely want to play there next time.  The water park is included in the cost of admission to Carowinds.

After entering the park, my little (age 5) immediately saw the Peanuts character Lucy and ran over for a big hug and high five. 

As we walked toward the Planet Snoopy area, there was a Kids Fest map and schedule for the day displayed which was very helpful.  We passed the NC/SC state line where my girls thought it was cool to stand in two states at one time.  


The first Kids Fest area we came to was the Atomz Lab Science Zone.  There were several stations set up for kids to explore.  We started in an area where kids were given a cup of water on a rope and told to swing it around and notice that the water stays in the cup.  What keeps the water from spilling out of the cup?  Centripetal force of course!  It was a neat, hands on experiment that my girls enjoyed. 

Next, they were able to get an up close look at an earthworm using a magnifying glass.  I thought it was cool, but my “girly girls” weren’t very interested.   There was also a marble station to experiment with properties of force (my 10 year old enjoyed this area), and finally a bubble station which was the favorite of my 5 year old.  Bubbles are always the best with littles!

At this point, my 12 year old and husband were a little bored, so they took off to hit the roller coasters.  The other girls and I continued on into the Planet Snoopy kids area.  After a quick stop for my little to ride the swings, we headed over to the Cabela’s archery station.   The girls enjoyed trying to hit targets with a foam bow and arrow.  My middle made contact several times, not so much with my little.  But she had a lot of fun trying!  Right beside the archery station was a dance party complete with Peanuts characters, hula hoops and loud music.  The DJ did a great job keeping the crowd involved and playing fun music for both kids and adults to enjoy.  After checking out several rides in the Planet Snoopy area, we had all worked up an appetite. 

We had lunch in the Harmony Hall Marketplace, a large indoor (air conditioned!) dining hall with several food and drink options.  We all enjoyed our meals and the portions were large in my opinion.  There is a stage with live performances at various times throughout the day.  Speaking of performances, the highlight of Kids Fest for most preschoolers was watching Disney Junior’s Choo Choo Soul perform live in the Peanuts Showplace arena, an outdoor stage with bench seating.  I sat down front on the concrete with my little to be close to the action.  Choo Choo Soul put on a crowd pleasing, action packed show that had all kids (and even a few parents) up and dancing.  My little enjoyed the songs, but it was oh so hot, so we left a little early to get water and cool off in the shade. 

As part of Kids Fest, there was a police car, fire truck and race car parked in various areas of Planet Snoopy for kids to explore and interact with first responders.   After checking these out and riding several other kids rides, we headed out to visit other areas of the park.  There were a few rides that we could all enjoy as a family, and we ended the day all soaked after our trip down the Rip Roarin’ Rapids.  Overall, as a family we enjoyed Kids Fest and our day spent at Carowinds.  We look forward to going again next summer and seeing what fun the waterpark has to offer.

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