Kids Fly Free

May 29, 2016

Have your kids ever been in an airplane?  Mine haven’t!  I hate to fly…well I actually hate the idea of flying.  Or maybe it’s the take off and the landing part.  Anyway, I know that my anxiety around flying may be worse because I didn’t get a chance to fly when I was a child.  I’m sure there is some psychology behind all of that.


This Saturday, May 7th the Young Eagles are sponsoring a “Kid’s Fly Free” day for kids ages 8 through 17 at the Moore County Airport.  Food will be available for purchase.  


A friend of mine told me about this event, and as much as I think it would be neat to take my kids we may not be able to make it that day.  Here are some photos of her son last year enjoying the day.  He was 15 here.  I hear people talk about how there is nothing for “older kids” and here we go!  Something only for kids over age 8!


Check it out and let me know what you think!

Her son loved being able to see the area from the sky.  He has flown before but never in such a small plane.  The pilot was super nice and showed him so much about flying and he learned a lot.  It was definitely a cool experience!