Mother's Morning Out

April 4, 2016

Mother’s Morning Out is a wonderful program for moms that just need a couple of hours a day or two a week to get some things done, run errands, work, exercise, or simply take a shower or drink coffee in peace.  









Mr. One has been going one day a week to Christ Community Church’s Mother’s Morning Out program.  We were lucky enough not to have to wait for a spot for 1 day/week, however the rest of the days have been full since he began last fall.  We have quickly registered for 2 days next year to offset the days he’ll be in Preschool.  I will have 5 days a week to work and be kid-free from 9-11:30…woohoo!!


I love this program for so many reasons.  Mostly for the break I get to have some time alone to work or whatever I need to do that is most pressing on that day, but also for the social interaction he gets.  He loves the teachers and has made some sweet friends in his class.  It's fun to see him become more independent doing things like sitting in a chair unassisted, playing on a playground without my constant help, drinking from a cup and so on.  MMO isn't meant to be a preschool setting for learning however the children really do benefit in so many ways from these types of programs. 


Check out their offerings here as well as the other options in town. Note these spots fill up very fast and there is typically a waiting list.  We are STILL on the wait list for Emmanuel Episcopal, so keep that in mind.  If you think you might want to use a MMO program sometime, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get on the list!

Christ Community Church

Emmanuel Episcopal Church’s Nursery

Trinity Christian Fellowship

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