April 22, 2016

What is life with kids without pizza?  I do not know, but I do know I want no part in a world without this deliciously amazing food that includes every food group in one!  Who’s with me?!

Pizza is a weekly staple in our house. I fee like I could live off pizza alone if required and be perfectly happy doing so.








Pizza is a sensitive subject in some circles. Some people are adamant that they must have Chicago style deep dish or NY style or thin crust or hand tossed and so on. I don’t discriminate. I love just about any type or style you can throw at me.

Where in the Sandhills do we go to get pizza?  Well we have a handful of go-to locations for different occasions. We have a pizza place for: the quick last-minute fast/cheap dinner, one for entertainment of out-of-town guests & kids, one for delivery, one for date-nights, one for family nights, you get the picture.

We do have a favorite, and this favorite is not only a pizza favorite but also our local restaurant favorite.


If you have been in the Pinehurst area for any amount of time you have most definitely been told to check out Vito’s. And if you haven’t, you may want to check and see if you’re living under a rock.  So here is the scoop on our favorite family restaurant!

Let’s talk pizza first. Vito’s is your traditional NY style pizza minus the grease. I’m not much of a crust eater but I never leave a piece behind when eating Vito’s pizza. The thickness of the crust, amount of sauce, freshness of toppings…all of it is exactly what I look for in good pizza.

Secondly Vito’s is our favorite family friendly restaurant in town.  The kids think Vito himself is a celebrity, and well, he really is!  He makes sure to stop at every single table and speak to his customers.  If he meets you once he makes you his friend and if he has known you for years you become part of his family.

Have a high school aged child looking for a job, he’s a great one to talk to!  My husband even worked for him as a bus boy when he was in high school.










Any chance Vito gets he supports his local community and is involved in many things.  He has raised his family here and truly loves the area.  Some tips if you plan to go:

  1. Bring cash or check (there is an ATM on site but who wants to pay those $3 fees?).

  2. Be Hungry!  The menu is diverse.  You can just order pizza or you can do a traditional Italian dish like lasagna or spaghetti & meatballs, or you can have the day’s special.  My favorite dish is the tri ravioli.  I usually have the spinach, chicken, & cheese versions.  (you can have lobster but I’m not a big fan of lobster, shocking I know!)

  3. Enjoy some wine!  Vito has a massive selection of amazing wine.

  4. Order garlic rolls with a side of creamy Italian dressing

  5. Save room for dessert!  My kids LOVE having a sundae with chocolate sauce.  Vito usually hand delivers it and they absolutely love that!

Other things of note that I find important to share:

  1.  Bathrooms are clean and tidy, Yay!

  2. Children receive a coloring page and crayons to keep them busy

  3. If you have a large group they do allow call ahead seating, although if it is a busy night you may have to wait a bit upon arrival.

Vito’s is our family favorite.  We visit him often and mostly as a celebratory dinner for the kids after school plays, big soccer games, family events and more!

I’ll take you back to pizza now…


Here are our go-tos for pizza in Moore County:

  1.  Vito’s – I’ve talked about the Southern Pines location above.  They also have a location in Pinehurst.  We mostly get take out from there but I have occasionally had lunch there when I was working full-time on that side of town.  It’s located off Hwy 5 so super convenient if you go to Sandhills Gymnastics and want to grab dinner on your way home.

  2. Pinehurst Pizza – this is our second favorite pizza place.  Pizza is delicious NY Style and LARGE is EXTRA LARGE, have them double slice it and you’ll be glad.  Come with an extra $50 for video games or you’ll be sorry.  There is plenty for the kids to do game wise and a pool table for the bigger kids.  This is a great place for a beer as well.  Overall a little bit more expensive than I would like for pizza but it’s a fun atmosphere every once in a while and where we take out-of-town guests for a fun pizza night out.

  3. So Pies – This restaurant is located in downtown Southern Pines right next to our dance studio, Terpsichore, the pizza is delicious NY style (you can see a theme here in what I prefer).  You can order by the slice or a whole pie.  They do deliver although that has been hit and miss all the way out in Pinehurst.  If you live in Southern Pines this would definitely be my recommendation for delivery.  Sometimes I’ll call ahead and have them have a pizza ready for me and the kids in between dance and soccer practice on Thursdays.  They always set up a table and are super nice. 

  1. Pizza Café – we love going here for lunch and sometimes after a school performance since it’s so close to our neighborhood and school.  They have a delicious fresh salad and pizza bar.  It’s a bit thicker crust and more hearty pizza than the previous mentioned pizzas.  Family owned and super awesome service every time we go.  Kid friendly, bring quarters for the gum ball machines at check out.

  2. Etalia – great date night pizza location.  A bit fancier and a brick oven style.

  3. Brixx – chain brick oven style, great place for kids!  They give them dough to play with and will then cook it for them to eat later.  If you get there early enough or are lucky you can get the large booths next to the chalk board.  The kids love sitting there and being able to draw.  They also do hand out coloring sheets.  Super friendly staff here every time we have been.  Only down side is it seems to take a really long time to get food.

  4. Dominos – our go to for delivery.  I do like that you can save your pizza preferences and payment info and order all online.  It’s cool to watch it go through the process of being made and know when it’s out for delivery with their tracker.  The kids love that too!

  5. Little Caesars – our go to for quick & cheap meal on the go when we don’t want burger and fries.  I love that they have a drive thru so I don’t have to get the kids out.  We usually grab it on the way to soccer after dance on Mondays and have a little picnic before practice starts.  I personally really love their sauce, but the kids aren’t huge fans of this pizza.  It’s just a convenient fix for us sometimes.

  6. Bob’s Pizza – located in Vass and right outside of our oldest child’s school we visit Bob’s occasionally after her school events.  Great flavor, nice thin crust, NY style with a salad bar.  The restaurant has always been kind of “old and dirty” looking to me but that’s part of it’s charm (if that even makes sense).  It is adorned with tons of antique toys and knick knacks to grab your attention.  You’ll also find video games and things for the kids to do while waiting for pizza.

  7. Valenti’s – located in Vass, kid’s can make their own pizza!  We hear the crab dip is a favorite as well as their white pizza.  Will be making a visit with them soon!



  1. Fratellos – a nice Italian restaurant that claims to serve pizza.  I have not yet had their pizza, but it’s worth a try!  More of a date night location if I were to guess.  We have eaten their pasta and it is delicious but not my personal favorite.

  2. Wedgies – attached to a gas station this is typically a good lunch spot for sandwiches, however they do make pizza.  I have not tried it yet, let me know your thoughts!

  3. Papa Johns – fresh ingredients, fresh pizza…you know the drill.  (My personal favorite for delivery but the kids love dominos)  I just love their peppers!  There is only one location so make sure you check with them before ordering to be sure they deliver to your neighborhood.

  4. Pizza Hut – we don’t go here much, probably less than once a year.  But I know some people love their pizza!  Unfortunately they do not deliver to our neighborhood and I’m not a huge fan of their restaurants.

Did I miss anyone?  What’s your favorite pizza place?  

What’s your favorite family / kid-friendly restaurant?

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