Sandhurst Park

April 29, 2016

We finally got to venture to another park today.  We've been running around an extra bit lately helping with a Color Run that is happening this weekend.  (Read all about that HERE)  Anyway, we made it to Sandhurst Park today in between dance and soccer.  It was just me and the boys and a cooler full of snacks.

Sandhurst Park is located at 134 Barcroft Ct, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Our experience today prompted another blog topic I'll be brining to you soon; entitled "Playground Etiquette" stay tuned for that.  And if you have any etiquettes to share please do.  I digress.

Sandhurst Park is a favorite, although I feel like I say that about a lot of the parks around here.  I like Sandhurst for several reasons.

  1.  All 4 of my kids can play here

  2. There is a walk trail within eyesight

  3. Covered picnic area

  4. Large grass field for playing soccer or whatever you please

  5. Clean bathrooms

I only have 2 items that bug me about this park.  Parking is limited, which would be a bummer if you wanted to throw a party here.  The swings are just for babies.  (And of note; one of them is seriously malformed at the moment.  I suspect because a child that was too big messed it up).

This is a great alternative to the downtown park and usually isn't crowded.  Today we were surprised by how many people were there though, and it was really just one big group.  All over the age of 10.  I'm guessing it may be a neighborhood hang out for some kids nearby.  Which is cool.

Mr. One loved climbing the stairs and he did a good job staying safe, I didn't have to police him too much.  Mr. Three enjoyed every bit of the entire thing.  He's just still a bit too short for the monkey bars so I had to help him there.  If the girls had been there it would've been a bit more fun for him because they would've helped him more than I  could.  I can't really take my eyes off of the baby at the moment.

Next time you're in Southern Pines you should check out this park.  It's a lot of fun!