September 5, 2016

Serving SP

If you're like me, you've seen the sponsored ads on Facebook from Serving SP.  My curiosity was sparked and I wanted to try it out...but I was a little bit unsure how it worked.  I have seen people rave about different companies like Blue Apron and more, but you had to actually still cook, and I am admittedly not a great cook nor do I have the time.  I gave Rachel, at Serving SP, a call and she explained it all to me...and couldn't have been more helpful!  I hope I can provide some insight as to what to expect with this super friendly local company.  


When I decided to go back to work full time while managing 4 busy kid's schedules and a husband that works long and late hours an hour away; concerns of how, when and where to feed my children every night were one of the biggest things I worried about.  It can become super easy and convenient to just pop a frozen pizza in the oven or run through the drive thru after a long day of work and hungry kids demanding food.  Meals start at $8.99 and for that price I was shocked at how delicious and complex the selections are.  Definitely a good value if you ask me!


First of all, the service is amazing using technology and convenient ordering systems.  The process of ordering your food is very simple either on the website or on a mobile phone it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The best part, in my opinion is that the choices are healthy and locally sourced.  I don't really have to worry too mch about what or where the food comes from, they've done that part for me.  While my children don't typically want to try new things there are some simple, though dressed up, kid friendly options like chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese.  Here is a video of the ordering prodcess, you'll see that it is quick and easy!


I decided to try Serving SP for a week, I ordered on Saturday (you must order by Saturday for the week ahead) and managed to arrange deliveries for 5 out of the 7 days of the following week.  It seemed like a bit more than we would need but I wanted to go all in to get a good feel for what they offer.  We ended up with FAR more food than we needed...especially considering that even though we had the meals ready to go little changes in our schedule for the week inevitably popped up; like dinner with grandma or an extra long dance class that warranted that run through the Chickfila drive thru.  It worked out great though, because the extra food we simply used for lunches.

Delivery was simple.  I placed a cooler on my porch the morning of the deliveries with ice packs inside.  I arrived home to a cooler full of fresh food ready to eat, just warm and serve!  


Most of my evenings are spent shuttling kids back-and-forth to activities, so knowing that I could pop something easy on the stove or in the oven for them while reheating something that actually had a little bit more complexity to it than spaghetti and meatballs for myself was fantastic.  The kids did try some things they wouldn't have had access to in my kitchen or even think to order in a restaurant.  I like the ability for them to be adventurous and learn more about different foods.  From 5:30pm to 8pm life goes by at rocket speed with homework, housework, dinnertime, bathtime, snuggle time & bedtimes to manuever.  Serving SP took one of these "chores" off my plate for the week.

The meals arrive in perfect portions in reheatable containers.  The company also will take back clean containers during their next delivery and recycle them.  Some meals do not require heating so simply pop them in the fridge until ready to eat.  Most of the salads we had delivered during the week I used for my lunch at work the next day.  The salads were my favorite!

As much as I enjoyed it for my family, it was more beneficial to myself than anyone else to have the service available. Most often I don't have time to make myself lunch or even go get lunch during my workday so having something premade that I can just pop in the microwave or a delicious organic fresh salad ready to pull from the fridge was amazing!  Since returning to work I haven't been able to find time to keep up my CrossFit routine so eating more healthfully has been extremely important to me to ensure I stay as fit as possible until my schedule can work the fitness back in.

Serving SP is a service that is very beneficial to so many people.  For busy moms, this is a no brainer!  You need to try it out!  Just about anyone can enjoy the service to help themselves eat healthy without the fuss.   I have recommended this service to so many people since I tried it.  Singles; when cooking for just one person can be exhausting and leftovers not always great.  I can see my clients benefiting tremenedously by what serving SP offers. The elderly population are often ready to stop worrying about cooking or want some healthier options than take out from the nearby restaurant, this is a perfect solution.  Think about those recovering from surgeries..or if you've been added to a food delivery list for a sick friend?  Serving SP can take care of that!

Creating meals of such complexity requires many ingredients with short shelf lives.  When there is just one person in a household if can be difficult to create dishes similar to what Serving SP offers especially for the cost.

The ease of ordering each week has been most attractive to me with this service.  You place your order online from the seletions listed, place a cooler on your front porch on the day of delivery; in the event you aren't home when it's delivered and serve it up when you get home.  I also love that SSP will text you when they are out for delivery, giving you a reminder to check the cooler and heads up that your meal is on it's way.  

Personally, I enjoyed Serving SP mostly as a lunch option while at work.  I loved being able to have a well-rounded meal that didn't consist of waiting in a drive thru line or lots of prep time for me.  I'd rather spend my precious 3 hours/night engaged with my kiddos.  


If you haven't tried Serving SP yet you really should give it a shot!  It may be the perfect fit for your family.  We currently like to utilize their services on Tuesday and Thursday nights as those are the nights that my husband works extra long hours and he barely makes it home to tuck the kids in bed.  


Check their website out at Serving SP and get your order in on Saturday for the week ahead.  Menus change each week and I assure you  they won't disappoint!  Feel good about the meals you're serving yourself and your family while also supporting a local business!