It's a small town, but it's not...

After living in Pinehurst for 9 years a common phrase I hear time after time is “it’s such a small town”. There is so much truth to that, yet there is so much more depth to this town than that. While there’s more of a one degree of separation between most residents our town is growing by leaps and bounds every day and with that our world is getting bigger and more diverse.

From my experience over the last several years the people you will meet in Moore County fall into one of four categories…

1) Retired: People from all over that experienced the beauty of Moore County and had to retire here. With our top notch health care and renowned golf courses it’s a no-brainer for retirement.

2) Military families: We are so very lucky to be situated near Fayetteville which gives way to Fort Bragg and the enormous amount of military families that come with that.

3) Random transplants: People who got here by way of a job, a family member or simply came to visit and realized they just couldn’t leave.

4) Townies: (although they may not prefer that name) are kids that grew up here and stayed or returned after school to raise their family or start a business.

One thing is for certain, our “Bubble” is special and we all love the Sandhills for many of the same reasons. I hope to provide some information in this blog to help my fellow Sandhills-ians live a rich life and know more about what there is to do for kids and parents in the Sandhills and surrounding areas.

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