Laundry Lessons

I’m pretty sure I’ll talk about laundry more than once so I’m entitling this “laundry lessons”. I know you can’t wait for subsequent entries.

With 4 kids; 3 of which that are in soccer, 2 of which that are in dance and a husband coaching we have more laundry than I care to discuss. My anxiety begins to build as I consider the sheer volume and daily battle I wage, but that’s life with kids and I’ve come to terms with my reality.

I do have some tips to share with you along the way. Today I’m going to talk about organizing my boys’ shirts & onesies drawer. Super exciting, I know!

I have always put the kids laundry away until they are old enough to do it alone (around age 4 seems about right for us). The girls manage theirs’ (with some occasional guidance / adjusting) but the boys are still too young to go at it alone.

One thing that I have changed in my organization/putting of laundry away is the way I place the boys’ shirts in their drawers. (For some this may just be the way you’ve always done it…and if that’s so you’re a laundry guru!) I used to just fold and stack like most normal people do. Well we all know I’m far from normal, so my OCD self decided to complicate things/make things better! Laundry can be exciting, guys!

Instead of folding and stacking I now either roll or fold smaller then lay in rows. A visual may be better, so take a look. (If you are a Lularoe legging hoarder you know what I’m talking about.)

Mr. One’s onesie & t-shirt drawer.

YOU CAN SEE the shirts guys…this is life-changing! Ok, maybe not that exciting, but still pretty cool. I plan to do this with my t-shirt drawer one day. Probably the day I get to sleep more than 6 hours at a time. It is not really much more work than the original way, just takes a tad bit more brain cells. It makes it so much easier when we are getting dressed in the mornings; easier to find that very important super hero shirt amongst all of the soccer shirts.

Here is a before and after of my three year olds’ t-shirt drawer:



I even added a few shirts that were stuck in the laundry cycle.

So try it out next time you empty the drawers and sort the mess.

There’s your laundry lesson of the day/week/month…whatever.

Tell me what you think of my “laundry lesson” and mom-tips.