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I am always on the hunt for a good kid friendly app to rely on in rare cases I need to occupy one of the kids with my phone. Generally speaking my children have their own technological device / screen for playing and learning and we have pretty strict limits we place on them for gaming; however I have always struggled with finding an app for my phone specifically to have as a back up plan in sticky situations.

I was recently introduced to Kidloland App! I've tried so many different games on my iPhone to help occupy the littlest ones when absolutely needed (think Dr's office waiting rooms, public restaurant dinner table meltdowns, car repair places, etc.) Basically places where if a meltdown were to occur I needed something, if all else fails, to grab their attention and hold onto it for my sanity and those around us.

Disclaimer: (Though I don't feel I need to explain my parenting, we all know there will be comments...) We believe in the healthy use of technology. We believe in teaching our children about appropriate screen time and time management at an early age. We do limit their exposure as well as content, and do not encourage using tablets or phones at the dinner table or anywhere that conversation and interaction with other people should be occurring. I think it's important to teach our children about technology at an early age instead of keeping them from it. Our belief is that keeping children from technology could actually cause the opposite of what one may want to be hoping to teach. If you forbid children from something that may appear fun or exciting they'll be more anxious to want to use it and possibly abuse it if given the chance. Taking a proactive stance on technology and embracing it early on can set your child up for a more realistic view of this tool and healthy habits.

Kidloland App has been the perfect fit for many occasions. It's pretty incredible how much there is available to use on the platform. Both of the boys really enjoy playing with it. The graphics are bright and crisp, the sounds/music are simple and clear. Mr. One enjoys watching the Nursery Rhymes, listening to the songs and watching the different screens move. He has begun working on his fine motor skills for pointing and moving his fingers about so when I help him engage with the app he gets even more out of it.

Mr. Four loves the games, vehicles, matching, puzzles and more. He gets the most out of the app and really loves when I let him play with it. I feel better when he is playing on this app than if he were watching a YouTube video of toys or know what I'm talking about mommas. :) He recently stayed engaged and occupied with the app while I cut his hair; a task he typically won't sit still for.

The girls have played with the app as well; moreso to help the boys navigate and learn how to use it. I like that it is an app the little ones can grow with and enjoy for a while and I don't have to download anything else on my phone and take up more space. There is so much to do right here in this app alone.

Download your KidloLand App today:

KidloLand (iOS):

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The owners of the app have been so gracious to offer 5 free 3 month subscriptions to my readers. To enter to win a subscription to this cool app visit Sandhills Mom Blog's Facebook page, comment your child's age on the shared blog post! Simple.

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