Chore Monster!

My kids are most kids these days...and I'm working very diligently and purposefullly to change that. I think it comes naturally that kids have this sense of entitlement in our culture today. They want for very little, we all live much more comfortably than we did 30 years ago. Because of that our kids don't really know the struggle of finding the right angle and position of rabbit ears to watch their favorite Friday night show. They don't understand what it means to leave the house at 10am only to return at the sound of their mom or dad whistling for them to ride their bike home for dinner.

They're over-scheduled and UNDER-worked....what?! Yes!! Our kids have everything done for them. It's not ALL our fault, well, it is...but it isn't. Sometimes it's just easier for us to just do it...I honestly HATE letting my kids clean because I almost always have to come behind them and do it "the right way". But part of my job as a parent is to help them learn HOW to clean. They have to be taught the expectations of keeping a clean room, bathroom, kitchen, clothes, yard, etc. It's not something you're just born knowing how to do.

I've tried so many different tactics over the years to help my kids learn to be a contributing member of the family. We've used charts, chalk boards, magnets, money, reward systems, and so on. Some have worked long term, others lasted a few days, and the one I'm about to share with you has been really fantastic and enabled me to be consistent for over a month now, and I truly think we will be able to stick with it!

CHORE MONSTER! Download it now. Chore Monster is an App that you can use to manage your kids' chores. You can access all of the chores on your device, they can login from their devices (if they have one, but they don't necessarily have to have one, so don't worry if you are screen free) My girls (age 9 & 12) have access to their app on their devices, and my 4 year old gets instructions from me directly and we go in together to award his points.

Let me tell you why this app is so great.

1) It's something I can check and manage easily on my writing, no tallying, no remembering to go look at a chart. I can manage the girls' day from work while they're home (especially right now during the summer when they want to do so much extra stuff and have extra time to help out)

2) It's simple! The parent access allows you to assign chores to just one child or to multiple children at once. You assign a point value to each chore and can manage rewards. When your child completes their chore you get a ping!

3) IT WORKS! It acts like a game for our highly technical plugged in kids. They like to check to see what they have to do and how many points they'll earn. Then they can see how many points they need to earn the rewards we have selected for them.

4) It's super interactive! Rewards can be virtually anything. For example, my oldest is solely focused on earning money to pay for her next summer camp ($3,000!! She has LOTS of work to do!) Miss Nine is earning a pink skateboard and of course her Four year old brother is working to earn a tye dye skateboard as well.

5) It's fun! The chores allow you to assign a photo for each item. You can take an actual photo of say toys sitting on your stairs and you can put "take toys off the stairs to your room" as the chore to do. You can also select fun clip art to represent different things like a vacuum or broom.

So far my kids have really enjoyed doing their chores this way. They are staying motivated and consistent and I'm super surprised how well it has worked. Miss Twelve has over 2,300 points, Miss Nine over 300, Mr. Four over 60 and my husband even has points he's earning for some of the "honey do list" items. Our rewards are a bit different; date nights, back massages, you get the picture ;)

So take a look and give it a try. I think you'll like it! I found Chore Monster while searching for age appropriate things to assign to my kiddos. A happy find! One improvement I hope that will be made soon is a way to prompt the kids to remind them to look at their chores. I'd like to be able to click a button from work to remind them to do their chores instead of having to call and nag them to look. I found the owner of the app and made my suggestion, hopefully that feature will show up soon!

Let me know what you think once you try it out!