I can

Some days I have really good "mom days" where everything goes much smoother than the normal I am used to. Days like this really make me feel like I have my stuff together. (And we won't even talk about how I just totally jinxed myself)

Too often we talk about the negative, it's just so much easier to talk about how hard something is or how rough we have it. We are taught not to brag or boast about how good things are; we don't want to hurt someone's feelings or add insult to injury. We don't want to be accused of "faking" our lives into something that is too good to be true...but the good isn't always easy to share. Sometimes we have to peel back the layers to see it, especially in the craziness of this season of life.

The good really needs to be talked about more. Especially when the good is rare and not as easily seen in the busyness of it all.

Today was an I CAN day. Here's why...

Be at work an hour early to meet with a new client? I CAN totally do that.

Have two clients show up at the same time and still manage to meet their needs. Set one up for lunch, meet with the other, hand them off to lunch, meet with the first. I CAN manage that

I CAN print out that permission slip and get it back to the teacher today even though my child never gave it to me. Darn computer still didn't cooperate, but that's ok daddy can take care of that....delegate. I CAN.

I CAN respond to emails about teacher conferences and 504 meetings.

I CAN hit my goals at work

I CAN help my teammates and new recruits and customers in my newly booming side business that I had no idea was about to take off.

Be out of the house from 7am until 9pm...No Problem. I CAN totally make sure my oldest gets to dance, and to Wyldlife and then home from Wyldlife.

I CAN feed the other three a (decent) meal and play off some energy while waiting for my oldest to finish her activities.

I CAN stay out until 8pm and not lose my cool.

I CAN help with carpool.

I CAN talk to my big middle about bullying and issues with her friends that are oh so important to her.

I CAN cut my four year olds super shaggy hair.

I CAN give all 4 baths (well 2/4...and enforce showers on the other 2)

I CAN make sure homework is done before 9pm.

I CAN handle it all until daddy gets home from work at 9:30pm.

I CAN dig through the mountain-o-laundry and find Mr. Four's new shirt so it can be washed and worn tomorrow. Trust me, you don't want to see the laundry situation over here. It would make your knees weak.

I CAN balance the checkbook and get bills paid, it's the first of the month after all!

I CAN text with my sweet friends and keep current in their lives.

I CAN spend time with my husband, I am thankful that the moment he comes home he is "on duty" and gets the kids to bed while spending some one on one time with each of them. This gives me my 30 minutes of peace to devote to something of my choosing. Tonight it is this blog post and one more load of laundry.

I CAN have a glass of wine, unwind and go to bed "early" at 10pm.

Good night friends, today was a good, although extremely exhausting, "mom day"! We must celebrate the successes even if it is keeping the lemonade from spilling at dinner.

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