Kids & Technology

Kids and technology have always gone hand in hand. I remember learning to use AOL messenger far before my parents even understood what I was doing. Take it even further back and imagine how you used to stomp your parents on Super Mario Bros?! I was awesome. Although my dad always won at Zelda, I still don't completely understand that game.

Kids have always had an edge when it comes to learning new technology. We are a technology friendly family. Screen time is a hot topic in many mom circles and I am not even going to go into the discussion of how much, any or what kind to allow. That's all about parenting, and I'm not a parenting blog...I'm a mom blog, bringing you fun and information not judgement.

My kids have their own devices, minus the baby, but he finds his fair share of time in front of the screen with his siblings. One of the biggest challenge we have, other than who stole who's charger, is keeping up with and not breaking headphones.

I get messages from time to time asking me to try this or that product in exchange for a review on my blog. You don't see much content like this because I don't write about things I'm told to write about. But this product inquiry intrigued me and I bit. I warned them that if I don't like it I won't write about it, so send at your own risk. They sent it and my kids instantly fell in did I!

A package arrived for us and I immediately dug into it, after watching their promotional videos I knew I might have a fight on my hands to determine which of my kiddos would get to try it. I picked the unicorn as I wanted to honor my first born and let her be the guinea pig. She's the hardest to please as a teenager so I thought if she likes them, they all will.

She loves them...there really isn't much more to say than that. Headphones typically break or they complain about them hurting their ears. These stay on, are comfortable, cute and add a layer of warmth outside (think running a Reindeer Run in the winter...perfection) They aren't just for kids either. So as I share these photos below, and a link to their site I am excited to also share an exclusive discount for my readers/followers. I can't wait to see you guys and your kiddos wearing your Cozy Phones. Please take a moment once you get yours to share a photo on my Facebook page: Sandhills Mom Blog. I am not being paid for this review...we simply got to try a pair ourself. I'll be ordering 3 more pairs for my other kiddos so we don't fight over the unicorn. I'll also be ordering 2 pairs for my husband and I for when we get around to exercising again.

The company has allowed me to share a coupon code with my readers & followers:

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