I had NO idea!

Multi-level marketing...Direct Sales...Work from Home....I HAD NO IDEA what I was getting into.

About a year ago I was invited to a Facebook party for some crazy lipstick that doesn't come off. I don't wear lipstick. I've never been really into makeup, always been super low maintenance. I've also never been big on skincare or routines that take more than a couple minutes. But I attended this party virtually. I basically watched videos that were posted and my jaw hit the floor when the girls rubbed their lips and their color didn't come off. I didn't struggle with smeared lipstick since I didn't wear it anyway...but I was completely fascinated. I messaged the party hostess and ordered a starter kit for $55 right away...I went with a neutral pink. The next morning I messaged her and cancelled my order and instead used the $55 to sign up. WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING?! Something that night told me that I needed to sell this stuff. I don't wear lipstick.

Fast forward 11 months and here I am with a team of almost 400 women all over the country. I'm making more money selling skincare & makeup...and LIPSTICK than I have ever made in any direct sales endeavor. (I sold pampered chef, thrive(le-vel), cutco, creative memories, and helped tons of friends with lularoe and 31) Nothing has been so easy. I'm a sharer by nature and love to talk so selling these products has just come natural to me. Don't get me wrong...it's work...some days are harder than others. The reward has far outweighed the work though!

If you had told me I would be driving a car the company pays me for, going on trips and flying across country for team building and training I would've stared blankly at you and then laughed my head off. But it's happening. I was able to take my kids on a surprise beach getaway this past weekend with no worries about finances...I never thought I would be able to do things like this.

I don't want this to sound sales-y so I'll leave it at that for now. If you want to know more about this business I'm doing you can find my Facebook group here, my Facebook business page here, or Join My Team here. (Sponsor #203079) Message me for more info if you'd like.