The Moms Behind the Blog

"We rise by lifting others" Have you seen or heard that quote? It is truly Jessie's life motto as of late. We need each other. We need other moms. We need other women. We grow and thrive when we surround ourselves by other women that we can lift up, and they in return can fuel our souls.

For the last two years you have learned all about the Sandhills area and surrounding through the eyes of Tiffany Abbey, founder of Sandhills Mom Blog. As life changes and grows into more and more for her and her family it was apparent that the blog needed something more. The website had taken on a life of it's own and required much more work, time & attention.

When time is limited and resources maxed out, what do you do? There were offers to purchase and take over the site, considerations to close it down completely, and ideas to hand it over to another local site. But nothing felt right or served the readers.

Enter Jessie Stroven. Jessie is a wife, mom to 3, teacher & entrepreneur. She carries a lot on her plate everyday and knows just how much women need each other to make the world go round. All women desire a tribe of other women to support, love and lean on. Being vulnerable is a quality she desires as a mom, friend and woman. Her "tribe" is very important to her as it keeps her grounded and focused.

The moms of Carolina Mom Blog met through their children of course. Most moms find that their best friends are from the relationships they gain through their kids. Jessie and Tiffany have so much in common that a partnership to continue growing and developing a blog for area moms was a no-brainer. As a mom of 4, working full time in sales, a wife and also an entrepreneur, Tiffany is like Jessie in that she is driven by her belief in empowering women through friendship and relationship. She lives by the quote, "It takes a village."

That brings us to the relaunch of Sandhills Mom Blog...only a bit expanded!

Carolina Mom Blog will be your source for not only information and resources in the Sandhills of NC but beyond and into the entire state of North and South Carolinas. You will find more mom-tips, fun and information than ever before!

THANK YOU for being here. We would love to know who you are, and more about you. We believe

in reaching out and reaching back!

Leave us a comment below and be added to our tribe and village!


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