Do You Know What Is Sweeter Than Peaches?

Do you know what is sweeter than summer time peaches? Having those sweet peaches all year long!

When I first moved to North Carolina, 9 years ago, I had no idea how amazing a sweet, southern peach could taste in the middle of summer. I remember the first time I took my kids to a local fruit stand off the side of road here in North Carolina. The sweet gentleman behind the old wooden stand loaded with fresh produce put a pile of fresh peaches into a brown paper bag. We loaded back into the car, and decided to not even wait until we go home to sink our teeth into those fresh peaches. Let's just say, the kids and I were in love!

So each summer long, we wait for it to be the perfect part of summer to sink our teeth into some scrumptious, summer peaches. We have found our favorite local farm to purchase peaches from each year: Kalawi Farm located in Eagle Springs, NC. You can find all sorts of fresh produce, but the best part of the farm is sneaking in a scoop of the fresh, homemade Ben's ice cream.

This year, I decided I wanted to enjoy those summer peaches all year long. So I stocked up, and began the process of freezing the fruit. I will share the simple method with you:

1. Prepare the peaches, by peeling the skin. I used a simple vegetable peeler. Try not to touch too much of the fruit under the skin.

2. Slice peaches to desired size.

3. Spread peach slices evenly onto a baking sheet that is covered with parchment paper, this will help the fruit to not stick to the bottom of the pan.

4. Freeze fruit on baking sheet uncovered until frozen solid.

5. Remove from baking sheet, and place into a freezer bag.

Peaches are the perfect summer fruit and with a very small amount of work you can enjoy their golden sweetness all year round. Whether you grill them, blend them into a smoothie or can them to brighten those gray winter days; nothing beats a Southern peach.




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