Sofie's Secret Slime Recipe!

I cannot be the only one with a child who is obsessed with making slime. We have oodles of slime lying around our house at any given time. Foam Slime, Glitter Slime, Googly Eye Slime, Rock Slime, and so many more! My daughter, Sofia, has mastered what she calls the "perfect" slime. We are so excited to bring you the simple, how-to guide that will bring hours of creative fun to your home.

The Ingredients:

Most of the ingredients are items found around your home. You may need to go buy a box of Borax which can be found in the laundry detergent aisle at your local grocery store.


Elmers White Glue

Shaving Cream

Body Lotion

Acrylic Paint


Step 1:

Mix 1 cup of hot water with 1 tsp of Borax powder into a coffee mug. Stir until dissolved. Set aside.

Step 2:

In a separate bowl, mix 1/4 cup white glue and 1/4 cup shaving cream. Stir until well blended.

Stir in 2-3 tsps of body lotion.

Mix in a few drops of acrylic paint until you have your desired color.

Step 3:

Add Borax/water solution into the glue mixture 1 tsp at a time. (Approximately 4 tsps.) Stir. Once slime reaches desired consistency, knead slime to help the ingredients come together.


To make an extra stretchy slime, add 2-3 more tsps. of lotion and microwave in a bowl for 15 seconds.

Add mix-ins such as: googly eyes, foam beads, glitter, rocks, cake mix, or sand.

Get some awesome Slime containers like seen in pictures above on Amazon!

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Happy slime making!

xoxo, Jessie

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