Because every picture tells a story...

What is your story? We all have a story to share. A story that could teach, inspire, or empower others. Our stories of successes, failures, disappointments, or joy can be just the words another needs to hear. Our stories are an invitation to others to help us create, share, live, and to understand the meaning of life.

The importance of honesty in our voice, and in our story is what binds us all together.

Tiffany and I are here to share our stories. We share our stories through our motherhood experiences, we share our stories through our businesses. We share our stories through our interactions with one another and other women. Our stories are unique, just like yours.

One way to share your personal story is through photography because every picture tells a story. The photographs from our recent shoot will be used on our blog, promotional materials, and our social media platforms. Tiffany and I were so blessed to have the privilege of working with Natasha Sewell of NPS Photography to help us share our business story.

Natasha's Story: Natasha is a mom to three teenage boys, a military wife, and former kindergarten teacher. Natasha has lived in the Sandhills since 2009, and began her photography business in 2012. Natasha says this about her photography, "My style is simple, classic and timeless. I want your portraits to be treasured for generations. I run a boutique photography studio. I pride myself in excellent customer service and offering my clients products from around the world to showcase their portraits."

If you are looking for some fantastic photographs to share your story, NPS would love to help.

I can't wait to hear your story!



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