"A book is a dream that you hold in your hand."

Mom to three. My girl, she loves to read. She actually lays in bed each night and reads before going to sleep. My oldest son, loves to read, but would much rather be watching the hunting channel or a football game on the T.V. My youngest son, struggling reader. Reading doesn't come easy for him, and a book to him, means work. As an elementary school teacher for 9 years, I have seen first hand how reading at home can impact a child's love for school and learning.

Creating a home that fosters a love for reading is no easy task. It is often much easier to let our kids play Mario Kart then have them pick up a book and read for 15 minutes. I understand this first hand! Good news, there are ways we can create a love for books in our homes. I am sharing my tips with you below.

Keep a varied selection for your Kids to read:

Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, poetry, e-books, comic books, ect... All kids are different. My oldest loves to read novels, and can lost in a book for hours. My middle son loves to read hunting magazines, and enjoys learning new skills. Reading can come in many forms so keep a variety around your home. I

love to keep my books in a big reading basket in the living room. I can change out the books often so the kids have a variety to choose from.

Go to your local library:

Having a variety of books around the house doesn't need to cost a lot of money. Take your kids to the local library each week and let them choose some book that they can read throughout the week. Libraries are a great place for kids to just sit and read too. I have found that when I take my kids to the library, they like to sit and read right there. Used book stores are also a great way to support small businesses, and get new books into your house.

Create a special reading place:

Creating a special place for your child to read will create excitement and ownership for them. Decorate the space with their artwork. Make sure the lighting is good, and keep new books coming to their special place often. Have a spot for writing paper, pencils, and art supplies so they can create their own books!

Read together as a family:

Setting aside a time to read as a family is a powerful way to show and teach kids the importance of reading. In our home, we read the Bible together each night before the boys go to sleep. This is our kids favorite part of the day, and they rarely let us miss an evening of reading together.

There are some awesome websites that have free online books. These sites have a variety of texts, both fiction and non-fiction. Some sites even have the ability to read aloud the stories to your child. My two favorite sites are Epic and Tumblebooks. I hope that you will try them out with your kiddos today!

Happy Reading



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