A Birthday and an Anniversary

My baby's 3rd birthday is today. Today is also the anniversary of Sandy Hook.

I can't get through this day without thinking about the children of Sandy Hook Elementary and that horrible day. It's been 5 years since the massacre that changed my perspective on school safety, my children and life in general...including gun control...I try to steer clear of politics on my blog...so we won't go there today.

Today my baby is THREE! Three is such a big milestone and I feel it is my obligation as a mother of 4 healthy children to celebrate birthdays and big milestones like this as best as I can possibly celebrate. So many moms can't do that anymore because of the violence of others.

How do you celebrate your children and honor those that are no longer here?

I haven't spoken words out loud about how the birthday of my baby falls on this anniversary, I've tried not to let it affect the day, but I cried real tears this morning watching this story: Choosing Love

I felt led today to share the movement that Jesse Lewis is passionate about both for my own coping while celebrating a vibrant amazing life right here in my own home. Check out the Choose Love Movement.

We must remember these innocent lives and honor their memory. Hug your babies tight today and always.