My husband and I have just returned from an all inclusive earned trip to Costa Rica with the direct sales company I run my business with. 

Incredibly thankful and overwhelmed with how spoiled we were we came home with big plans and ideas and a new purpose and direction. 

The entire way home I was excited, motivated & anxious to get started.  Big plans and big dreams require big work. 

And now we are home. Life must go on as planned. Kids to school, bills paid, work to be done. We both work full time careers outside of our family direct sales business. The struggle is real sometimes. 

I’m paralyzed. I don’t know where to begin. We arrived in the early morning hours home and I was wise enough to take one extra day vacation to “catch up” and regroup before going back to work tomorrow. 

The to-do list in my brain seems one million miles long. I need to unpack and start some laundry, I need to do inventory and ship out orders that came in while we were gone, I need to follow up with potential team mates, customers & new downlines. I need to touch base with every woman on my team and offer my help for whatever obstacles they’re facing. So. Much. I need to implement all of these changes & ideas. The sooner the better!!  But I can’t move. 

Offering myself grace has been difficult. In this exact moment while I’m typing this blog I am hopeful that by talking about it my body will defrost and I will be able to begin again.  Or should I allow myself the time to rest and just be silent in my thoughts before I begin?  What will waiting do?  

What is my new why?

Am I paralyzed due to fear of failing?  

I have lives to change. 

Want to be one of these lives I help change?

Let me know!  It’s free to sign up this month. Only two days left!

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