Use Your Camera!

So how many of us have a fancy camera laying around collecting dust?  Maybe it was purchased with the intent to learn how to use or maybe as a gift because you love photos?

But yet there it sits. 

Pick. It. Up. And. Shoot. 

You do not have to be a professionally trained photographer to take photos and collect memories!  

Sure, hiring a photographer for special family portraits or big life events is highly recommended. See my photography post for local suggestions of amazing professionals. 

But just because you’re not excellent at editing or know much about exposure and depth and focus...doesn’t mean you can’t get some great shots. And honestly, sometimes you can get the best ones. You know your kids and you know what makes them smile!!  Also some gems are the ones photographers never give to you, because they don't think it's a flattering shot...but to you it may capture the essence of who you know as your child.

So dust that camera off and work it!

My husband gave me a Canon Rebel for Christmas. It’s July. He's mentioned it a few times and I think finally was getting a bit annoyed that I didn't "appreciate the gift more".  If you're like me you don't really like to do things half way, so I've been completely overwhelmed and scared to try my hand at the camera.  I had a Nikon like 10 years ago, but mostly have relied on my iPhone.  Once I discovered  that I can quickly transfer the photos from the camera to my phone and learned how to do that, I decided I'd put my iPhone down and try my hand at this Canon.  It's really not as intimidating as I thought it would be!

I finally did this exact thing I’m telling you to do. 

I told my family Sunday morning that we are going to go to the park Sunday afternoon and take pictures. 

The boys were thrilled with the idea of going to the park...the girls were a bit excited about taking pictures. So win, win. 

I snapped photos as they played and grabbed them all once for a quick photo that didn’t turn out great but did capture the day. 

I even managed to get some selfies of my husband and I. 

The girls tried their hands at taking photos too. They did a pretty good job I think. 

So, are you going to commit to pulling out that camera?  Or maybe just opening up that camera app on your smart phones more often?  There are tons of cool apps to use to edit yourself and be creative.

Make some memories and document them, after all we only get 18 summers with our kids!

You'll thank me in 10 years!