As a mom we want our kids to have friends. We want them to feel like they belong somewhere and are happy. 

It’s so incredibly hard as your kids grow and become more independent.  What’s even more difficult is trying to help your kids feel a sense of belonging when you know that feeling is not always possible. 

How many of us still crave to be accepted?  How many of us still don’t have a “circle” or “tribe” though we try so very hard to connect and make it happen. 

As a mom to teenage girls and a mom to little boys I find myself not belonging anywhere these days. When I’m with moms of my girls I feel unrelatable because I have little ones. And when I’m with moms of my boys the same thing happens.  I don’t relate to anyone specifically in this space. 

I’m stuck in a world of in between. 

And that's hard. 

I’m not saying I don’t have amazing friends that I can count on and love on. I am so thankful for friends that love me for me and accept me and all my imperfections. I’ve had plenty of “wanna be friends” cross my path in my lifetime that hurt me before leaving me after I opened my heart and my imperfections to them. I’ve felt the sting of betrayal. And I do not want that for ANY of my kids.  

Unfortunately some things you can’t teach or prepare them for. All we can do is love them where they are and be ready to love them more when they need more. 

They’ll forever belong with us and that’s a peace I will forever cling to.  

How do you help your kids navigate friendships?How do you find your place in the mom friend world?