Southern Pines SpringFest

April 30, 2016

Our morning kicked off with soccer as usual.  My girls’ games were both at 9am so I tried my best to watch them both play.  Luckily their fields were basically side by side so I could be at both.

We headed to Springfest after soccer, making it right as everyone was getting started. (It started at 10am, we arrived around 10:15am).  We strolled through Broad Street looking at the different vendors and chatting with friends we met along the way.  We ended up in the “Kids Zone” of course.  Miss. Twelve was enthusiastic about taking Mr. Three on a few rides.  They enjoyed the large slide together.  Miss. Twelve went on the “scramble” ride and Mr. Three did the jungle playground.  $20 later we were ready to head out.

I love Springfest.  I think it is a great event for our town.  I do not love the way the Kids Zone is done.  It seems completely unreasonable to me to pay $10 for 4 “rides” but maybe I’m cheap.  I’d rather spend that money on the vendors than entertaining my kids on rides, but there just simply isn’t anything attractive to the kids other than the Kids Zone so it’s a catch 22.  















If I were in charge, I think having the kids purchase a wrist band for a flat fee to come and go instead of using tickets would be much more reasonable and they may actually make more money.  But what do I know?  Mark your calendar for next year!  Springfest is usually held the last Saturday in April each year.  Make sure you don’t miss it next year!