Spring is for Strawberries

April 15, 2016

One of our favorite things to do in the Spring time is pick Strawberries!  A friend of mine asked this morning if we wanted to join them this afternoon as they planned to go to nearby Karefree Produce to get the first pickings of the season.  The weather has been so strange lately that I actually hadn’t even considered picking strawberries yet, but what a delightful surprise to find an abundance of beautiful juicy fruit for us.

This was the first time I had been to KarefreeProduce.  We pass it all the time coming and going on US 15/501 but have never stopped.  I was pleasantly surprised and now I know where to go anytime I need some fresh produce.  I love how close it is to Pinehurst, just 8 miles from the traffic circle!

We spent about half an hour picking strawberries and then ventured inside to pay for our loot.  I also purchased some cucumbers and tomatoes for the weekend to make a salad.  Three of my kiddos carried their own basket and filled them pretty close to the top, so we had quite the haul.  When we added in the other produce, we walked away with $24 of yummy healthy food and some fun memories to keep forever.

We always enjoy quick strawberry picking outings and I know this won’t be the last for the season.  Our favorite places to go are Kalawi FarmsHighlanders Farm, and now Karefree!  Head up US 15/501 and you can’t miss all of the colorful signs pointing you to the small yellow house with an abundance of fresh produce at Karefree.

That is a grin you see on my almost teenager’s face.  We came straight from school pickup so she looked quite fancy for strawberry picking!  An outing that makes the oldest smile is a win in my book!

We left with 3 huge boxes of beautiful red strawberries!  Plenty to snack on and some for freezing for smoothies!

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