The Reservoir

Our go-to for a close by 1-2 hour outdoor experience is The Reservoir in Southern Pines.  Every time we go is a different yet similar experience than the last.  People are friendly and it feels like a safe place to explore.

April 3, 2016

Geochaching is one of the kids’ favorite things to do lately and there are a few caches to find along the lake walking route.  You’ll find runners, dogs, fishermen, kayakers, and more when you visit.  From the website:  “This 165-acre site is home to a 95-acre lake. Nature trails, hiking trails, fishing, and boating are some of the activities that can be enjoyed. Two covered picnic shelters with grills and picnic tables are available.”  There is also a disc golf course though we have yet to enjoy it, maybe soon we will venture to try!

A friend of mine had her baby shower in one of the picnic shelters, it was a perfect spot!  You can reserve them in advance, residents of Southern Pines get a discounted rate, but they are open to everyone. (YAY!)

We really enjoy stopping along our walk and attempting the exercise stations that are sprinkled throughout the area.  Parallel bars, stretching posts and more are available for the athlete to challenge themselves.  Some trees are identified for the nature lover and to put an educational spin on it.  If you’re looking to get outside and run off some energy, this is a great place to do so.

The trails are wide enough for a double stroller and the bathrooms toward the entrance are well-kept and clean.  Check it out next time you’re in the area.  Our recent visit took 2 hours to complete the one lap around the “Reservoir Park Trail” but there are a variety of trails that you can venture onto.  Check our their online brochure here for more info:

It so great for the kids to see all of the wildlife, something they don’t get to see every day.  The geese are relatively friendly but fiesty.

Enjoy the Reservoir for some FREE fun and exercise with your littles!