pirate park whispering pines

Whispering Pines Parks

"Pirate Park" & Thaggard Lake Park

March 31, 2016

There are SO many awesome places to play in our area!  There is a park for every day of the week and more.

Today we went to Whispering Pines and checked out Thagard Lake Park and a new park on Banning Drive with a pirate ship!  **Disclaimer, you must be a resident of Whispering Pines to enjoy the two parks listed here, or find a friend that is and have a playdate...that's exactly what we did!  (Thanks Kindra!)  So many Whispering Pines people are super friendly and fun so you'll have no trouble doing so. **

The parks in Whispering Pines are wonderful but exclusive.  I am not in favor of the way that they do this, I do not agree that they should be limited to only WP residents as we are all taxpayers of this county and do not omit anyone from Pinehurst or Southern Pines parks.  I understand the lake being regulated a bit more, but parks for kids...I'm not a fan.  I am not a decision maker or resident of the town, therefore I do not get a say, so play at your own risk.  (Update:   You COULD be fined $50 for using facilities without permission, so just go with a friend to avoid the chances.  Most likely you would be asked to leave if you are not accompanied by a resident.  It's more of a liability issue than anything else.)

The two parks we visited today are new, both built within the last few years and extremely well maintained.

The first park was Thagard Lake Park, which is right on the lake and has an amazing view! My 4 kids all enjoyed it for different reasons.


My 9 & 12 year olds enjoyed the swings, climbing the spiderweb, and helping siblings on the equipment as well as walking on the rocks and in the sand on the beach.


My almost 4 year old did great on the climbing web, loved the equipment although he is almost too big and needs a bit more of a challenge, enjoyed the swings and of course loved the lake rocks & sand.

Even my 15 month old enjoyed this park.  The baby swings were excellent and well maintained, easy for him to hold onto without his little fingers being pinched.  The equipment was perfect for him with some help along the way.  He sat in the sand at the beach and loved throwing it at the other kids.

It's a nice large park with plenty of parking and a large pavilion for parties, which I am sure you have to reserve.  There is a porta-potty hidden away in the corner of the parking lot and picnic tables for snacks and lunches.

We will for sure go back...as long as we aren't banned for going without permission. :)

PIRATE SHIP PARK!! AKA park that no one is talking about because (SECRET!!!) it's amazing! (To find it put 8 Banning Dr Whispering Pines, NC into your GPS)

I had seen photos of friends at this park with a pirate ship...and thought how i just HAD to take my almost 4 year old there, but no one seemed to know where it was.  I asked around and was told Whispering Pines, but no specific location.  Whispering Pines isn't exactly small, so we drove around keeping our eyes pealed for a pirate ship until finally a friend told me a road to put into my GPS and WE FOUND IT!  The boys had fallen asleep during our search and had to be woken up, not ideal, but totally worth it.  What a fun place!

It's right on the lake also and a very new park.  Friends of friends recently built this park so that makes it extra cool to me.  There are two standard swings and a huge pirate ship with 2 cool enclosed slides.  I hope they will add toddler/infant swings sometime.


My 3 bigger kids had a great time, the 12 and 9 year olds were playing the whole time and completely engaged and happy.  4 year old was in heaven...of course.  The 15 month old was a bit too small for it, but we made it work.  I definitely had to accompany him the entire time.  Access to the equipment is difficult for a small child that has just learned to walk.  I wouldn't classify this park as great for all ages, but definitely a great park for active kids!  There is a porta-potty and picnic tables for snacks and lunches.


Here are some photos from our day!